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Questions Commonly Asked

Questions about our house buying serviceWe have been asked similar questions multiple times and we know some of these questions are at the tip of your tongue. We have taken the initiative to list them up for you with the corresponding answers.

What types of houses do you buy?

Generally, we buy all kinds of residential houses. Small houses, two-story, row houses, duplex type, apartments, studio type, condos, farmhouses, and anything else you can think of; even old, ‘ugly’ or houses in poor condition.

How long will the process take?

Real Sprout is one of the few home-buying company that could seal a deal within five days after the initial contact. So long as there are no surprise incidents or situations that could delay the process, we guarantee that it is fast, struggle-free, and painless.

How much do you charge?

You will be spending ZERO amount of money throughout the transaction. We will buy the house from you and we pay you the agreed amount that is guaranteed fair. There will be no closing fees or transaction fees.

Are you real estate agents?

We are a group of enthusiastic real estate investors dedicated to to help homeowners speed up the process of selling their houses without exerting too much effort and time. We work independently and we take no commission.

Am I obligated to accept your offer?

Irregardless of how far we are at the selling process, you are in no obligation to accept the offer or sign the contract. We will give you the freedom to decide whether to go through the transaction or not, or until you are ready to sell after giving it some thought.

If there are people living in it, will you still buy?

Yes, we will still buy the house. In most cases, once the house is bought we often allow the tenants to stay and complete the lease contract. However, please make sure to let the tenants know about the possible change of ownership so inspectors visiting the house wouldn’t surprise them.

If I’m facing foreclosure, can I still sell my house?

We want to help you keep the house for as long as possible. Our connections go a long way and we have successfully established connections to reputable local lending companies that could extend a hand to us and help prevent foreclosure.

I have more questions, who do I talk to?

If you still have questions, that’s good. Allow us to give you more insight on how effective our methods are in buying houses. You can reach us anytime, anywhere and we will gladly provide the answers. Let’s talk today!