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Top Driving Factors To A Skyrocketing House Market Value

For privileged individuals, the market value for their property is never an issue since they can afford to buy houses in exclusive and gated subdivisions. But for common families and regular income earners, having a clean, well-built, and comfortable shelter to live in is more than enough to live well.

This is why housing projects across the country is booming and lively despite the most recent recession and despite the unemployment concerns. And even with limited resources, families allot a big portion of their earnings to pay off the monthly mortgage. However, being current on your mortgage doesn’t always guarantee a good standing for your house valuation.

The Contributing Elements To High Valuation

selling a house as isHousing communities near educational institutions, shopping malls, shopping districts, and medical facilities often have the best market value and highest demand. So really, it isn’t just your capability to pay off the mortgage or keep a high equity rate that will matter. There are several other contributing elements that could help increase and maintain a good market value for your house. Let’s break them down one by one.

Location. Local factors such as the recent price sale in the nearby areas, the quality of local schools, the community programs that are family oriented, and the sense of security plays huge roles in increasing the value of your home. Buyers are drawn to areas with strong community ties within a community.

Is the nearest grocery store at a walking distance? Can you find a meat shop a few blocks away from your house? Is there easy access to amusement and natural parks? These factors often help buyers decide which community to live in.

Interest Rates. Changes in the mortgage rates can greatly affect the ability of a buyer to purchase a house. Oftentimes, buyers look at interest rates first before anything else when looking for a lender to finance the purchase. The lower the interest rates are, the lower the purchasing price will be, which in return will attract more buyers to flock in the community. If the sales will drastically increase within the area, the value of the nearby houses will gradually increase as well.

Economic Health. The overall health of the economy is another key element. This can be measure by using the most common economic indicators such as GDP, manufacturing activity, employment statistics, the prices of goods, gas supply and demand, and many more. If the economy is weak and unproductive, the real estate market won’t be doing so well either.

Criminality. Nobody wants to live in an area with a growing criminal activity, much less purchase one in a community seen unsafe for the family, especially to young children. There will be a significant drop of home value on a property situated in an area with high crime rate.

Upgrades and Renovations. If you recently had the walls repainted, kitchen renovated, or a recent installation of solar panels on your roof; these upgrades will help pull up the value of the property even more. Also, some local government has programs that offer assistance to homeowners that would convert to renewable energy.

Top Driving Factors To A Skyrocketing Housing Market Value

There are still a lot of contributing factors that could either increase or decrease the valuation of your property, some are just beyond your control. There are families who prefer selling a house as-is fast to escape the trap of having a house underwater after the market price in their neighborhood has dropped. Check out the testimonials from our valued clients on our page to know what other options are there for you.

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