///How To Handle Grief When Dealing With A Loss

How To Handle Grief When Dealing With A Loss

Nobody wants to go through the pain and grief of losing a loved one. But death is inevitable and the family left behind can not opt out from feeling grief. It is a phase in everyone’s life and most of us will have to deal with the loss.

This is a normal response and allowing yourself to feel pained rather than denying it will actually help you heal faster.

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There are several stages one has to go through according to a post in psychcentral.com. At first, its denial. It’s hard to accept the truth, therefore denying it may seem to help take away the aching. Thinking that it didn’t happen might just help you cope up.

Then there is anger. Putting the blame to someone, to something, to anything that you want to direct your anger to. Its better to feel rage than feel vulnerable  and allow the pain to consume you.

This is then followed by bargaining. The If’s and What If’s. Secret prayers are made, a bargain for the life taken to be returned in exchange for something else. Depression sets in when one has finally recognized the loss. The wallowing, the drowning sadness, the uncertainties.

And then there is acceptance that the loved one is gone forever and is never coming back. Physically one might look calm and healing, but inside the grief is overwhelming still.

Pulling Yourself Together

Moving on is easier said than done. There is no mathematical method on how to erase the pain, how to forget the loss, and how to completely recover from it. However, there are ways to make this experience bearable, which could also help ease your grief.

Feel the Pain

Allow the loss to sink in, allow the aching and grief to hurt you, allow your self to crumble in tears. Suppressing your emotions will only make it too difficult to accept the truth. Let it all out. Talk to your family for you are not alone. Their grief might be greater than yours, and by talking to them you can comfort each other.

Hold On to Your Faith

When you feel lost and unsure of yourself, faith can guide you. Through prayers, it makes sense to believe that everything happens for a reason, that there is a time for everything. You may not get the answers to your prayers right away, but God never forsakes who believes in Him. Trust that he will give you strength to get through this difficult time.

Don’t Limit Your Activities

Instead of locking yourself up in your room or shy away from people who might express concern for your loss, go out, expose yourself to the community. Allow interaction from people, get to know new friends, travel if you feel like it.

Keep Yourself Busy

Don’t turn to alcohol or drugs. It will not help you heal, it would only dull the pain. But the grief will always be there unless you have accepted the truth.

Seek Out Support Groups

Seeking out people who are going through the same situation or has gone through it and managed to surpass the difficult stages, could offer helpful advice. Support groups are organized in hospitals or counseling centers near you.

Take Your Time But Don’t Close Your Doors

Aside from keeping yourself busy to take your mind off the recent death of a loved one, there are other helpful things to help you. Traveling is considered a good idea. Seeing new places and meeting new people will also help.

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